World Oceans Day Website Launches – our work with The Ocean Project

The Ocean is one of our most precious resources. It’s the origin of life and arguably has the most profound impact on humans and wildlife of any natural resource. That’s the motivation behind ocean conservation nonprofit The Ocean Project, our client and partner for the World Oceans Day website redesign project. The Ocean Project focuses on collaborative conservation, through initiatives like World Oceans Day.

We’ve just concluded the project and the website launched last week. We’re honored and excited to be able to contribute to such a meaningful project. Learn more about the new website below and check it out at



Mission First

The World Oceans Day website is a platform for people around the world to find ways to support our Oceans. The Ocean Project, organizers of World Oceans Day, needed a new platform to more clearly align with their mission of promoting ocean conservation action. We partnered with them to design and develop this new website. A new brand, designed by our friends over at Studio Rainwater, provided the visual underpinning to build a more contemporary, trustworthy, and inspiring platform.

The Ocean Project’s main goals were to increase the promotion of taking action through the new website, and to promote year-round action, instead of just one day. Our designs were geared towards meeting those goals.

We started by redesigning the information architecture of the site. Information Architecture determines how users navigate, understand, and experience the content of a website. This gives users a sense of what’s important. For example, in our redesigned navigation, you can see that “Take Action” is the first item, and is also permanently highlighted.

We also organized the Take Action section into World Oceans Day specific actions, and year-round actions.

This reimagined information architecture more clearly aligns with the goals of the project and increases traffic to the key content on the site.

Global Events Database

To bring people together to conserve the ocean, the World Oceans Day website houses a robust event management system. We balanced filtering/searching, a list view, and a map view into a sophisticated but user-friendly interface.

The system allows organizers to create events on the site, and log in to the site to manage their events and profile.

Events Database Before

Events Database After

Showcasing Sponsors

Sponsorship is a critical facet of World Oceans Day. We created a showcase on the homepage to highlight important work being done by sponsors and partners. This is a powerful tool for  theWorld Oceans Day team to generate more sponsorships.

We need to do all we can to help heal our oceans. Please consider supporting World Oceans Day with a donation.

It was so rewarding to work on this project, and we hope to partner with more great clients like this. If you have a project in mind, reach out to us.

World Oceans Day is June 8th, 2020. Find an event happening near you at

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